Diversity Training Workplace Solutions, Inc. is a full service agency committed to assisting employers and associates within an organization to develop cohesive communication patterns regarding business objectives, policies and procedures.

Implementation of this strategy limits the risk of potential liability of sexual harassment, discrimination, and other employment related risks.


Lindy Korn, Esq. has been selected and approved to serve as a Contract Mediator for the New York District Office of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In January of 2003, Lindy Korn opened The Law Offices of Lindy Korn, dealing with matters of discrimination.

Phone: 716-308-0644


Diversity Training Workplace Solutions, targets 6 primary areas:

  • Needs Assessment: DTWS staff conducts a comprehensive and confidential needs assessment in the effort to define current or potential issues pertaining to sexual harassment. DTWS utilizes the needs assessment as a proactive tool for the sole purpose of interpreting the state of an organization in relation to a particular concern. The needs assessment is not intended to expose or punish the employer/employees.
  • Preventative Training Programs: DTWS designs and implements contextualized training programs highlighting employer objectives, policies and procedures. DTWS staff incorporates a psycho.-legal approach in the development of all preventative training modules. Psychologists link behavior management with the legal expert interpreting the laws.
  • Investigation: Existing claims are investigated by trained professionals to determine impropriety, and if so, recommend suitable preventative action to deter recurrence.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation Services: DTWS facilitates on site ADR forums to assist individuals to reach voluntary and informed settlements. ADR refers to any procedure, agreed upon by the parties of a dispute, in which these parties call upon the services of a neutral party to negotiation, as opposed to unassisted negotiation or adjudication. DTWS can design and implement internal plans that allow employees an effective manner which to resolve workplace conflicts.
  • Remediation/Educational Counseling: DTWS provides assistance for individuals/groups in transition phases. Once an issue has been identified, resolved and an action mandated, DTWS staff provides educational counseling/coaching sessions to facilitate and expedite desired changes.
  • On-Going Support: DTWS employs a HOTLINE approach to monitor and guide on-going workplace issues. The On-Going Support concept provides a venue for DTWS staff to interpret existing patterns within an organization that could result in problems leading to litigation. The On-Going Support segment also allows DTWS to design and implement a communication system that promotes a safe and productive work environment while substantially reducing an employer's exposure to litigation.


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