Daddy's Little Girl

The case description below may alert you to everyday problems in human relations. It is based on an actual court case and ruling though the names and dialogue are fictitious.

The Facts of the Matter:

A young woman was identified by two disc jockeys as the winner of the "ugliest bride" contest and she did indeed sue for a legally recognized issue described as intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Sarah Macon-Bruder said she suffered emotional anguish, made more sever by the fact she was a newlywed, because two disc jockeys, Warren Grey and Bill Sheehan, identified her, even giving her actual name on the air, as the "ugliest bride of the day." This was of course directly after her picture appeared in the local papers bride column. She is seeking $300,000 in damages.

It was the routine of two disc jockeys on WPBX in Utica to select, from the local newspaper's bridal pictures, the "ugliest bride of the day" and to have listeners then call in to guess which woman had been selected.

In a 1996 broadcast, however, the two broadcasters changed their initial practice of using fictitious names of the brides and aired Sarah Macon-Bruder's full name and went on to tell where she worked. At the time she was business manager of a broadcasting company which owned stations competing with WBR in the Utica area.

The litigation goes on since the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court said that Macon-Bruder has a case for intentional infliction of emotional distress because she was a private citizen who was identified and ridiculed publicly possibly because she worked for a competitor, the court said.

Comment: Harassment not involving sexual activity or language may give rise to liability if it is sufficiently patterned or pervasive and directed at an individual because of his or her sex.

Intimidation and hostility toward women or men because of their sex can obviously result from conduce other than explicit sexual advances.