Neutral Fact Finding/Investigations

The goal of an independent investigation is to determine whether there has been inappropriate conduct, and if so, taking preventive measures to avoid a repetition of that behavior.

The investigative process also serves as a self check on the internal operations of a company, monitoring the degree of compliance of employees with the company's internal policies and guidelines. A good internal investigation will assist in avoiding claims of discrimination (based on sex, race, age, disabilities, etc.)

Effective investigations can serve to minimize liability. An employer who immediately investigates complaints, responds quickly and takes disciplinary action which is proportionate to the offense may mitigate any damages or avoid defending a lawsuit.


Conducting an objective and thorough investigation can minimize the risk that someone will be terminated unfairly.

Conducting an investigation is an acquired skill. A Neutral Fact Finder must be able to question persons who do not really want to communicate with him/her. Ultimately, the fact finder must be able to decide issues of credibility, and to treat people throughout the investigation with dignity.

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